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Altatech Agencies strives to lead the Hydronics industry in Alberta and Western Canada by providing high quality products, services and system technologies.

We only represent industry leading manufacturers that push the edge of innovation, reliability and efficiency. Products must be user and environmentally friendly, always striving to be the leader in their field.

We take a systems approach with our products and manufacturers. We purposely seek out manufacturers that will compliment each other for a packaged approach to designing heating systems.

Our manufacturers must have a focus and drive to invest in our industry as a whole. They must look forward to the future and plan for tomorrow in their research, development and manufacturing processes.

Altatech has a focus on:

  • High efficiency boiler technology
  • Solar hot water heating
  • Domestic hot water heating technology
  • High efficiency circulation pumps & zone valves
  • Integrated boiler and system controls
  • Home automation for hydronic and HVAC systems
  • Custom control panels and BMS integration
  • Premade hydronic heating mechanical and electrical panels
  • T-drill copper headers and manifolds
  • Zone control and thermostats for heating and cooling
  • Fan coils and HVAC integration
  • Polypropylene and stainless steel venting technologies

Altatech Agencies Ltd. -  A modern hot water heating solutions company!